Atlantis Vest gathers Mediateket, Video 4 AS and AVIT-Systems A/S in new major Scandinavian player on the international market



Atlantis West wants to build a major Scandinavian player who can compete on the international market and has acquired 100 percent ownership of the system integrator Mediateket AS and the equipment and solution providers Video 4 AS and AVIT-Systems A/S. 

The new group will offer a wide selection of media solutions and services to companies engaged in content production and distribution, and will focus on Scandinavia and northern Europe.

In 2015 Mediateket AS, Video 4 AS and AVIT-Systems A/S had a total turnover of nearly NOK 300 million and will have 71 employees in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. This gives the new group an excellent position to compete in an even greater market.

The new group will be recapitalised with growth capital for further development, and today's owners of Mediateket AS will also reinvest in the new company.

“What we want to do with this investment is to create a solid Scandinavian provider which can grow even bigger and deliver services and solutions for the future in an international arena,” says Trond Valvik, Investment Director at Atlantis Vest.


Gro Setereng and Jørgen Scheel from Mediateket together with Trond Valvik from Atlantis Vest.